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Alejandra was born and raised in México. Ever since she’s been a little girl, she has been observing and asking non-stop questions about everything.

She remembers having telepathic conversations with “someone” while growing up, but never dared to share about whom she was listening to or seeing. She has always showed interest in helping people from a very young age, when she used to play with doctor sets, pretending that if she gave you a shot, you will feel happy.

Her interest in helping and guiding people to a better understanding has grown over time until she became a Psychologist in 2003; but something was missing until she immigrated to Canada and found The Home of OM”.

With her background in Psychology and her training as Psychic Medium by the internationally recognized Evidential Medium ANGEL ROGERS, Alejandra has merged the spiritual and physical plane in order to give guidance and consult people in an alternative, unique manner that combines both worlds.

Alejandra is the first Latin American ordered as a TRILOTHERAPIST by one of the 40 Soto Zen Masters in the world NISSIM AMON and by the only Dojo Sensei in Canada ANGEL ROGERS.

"I have merged my knowledge and experience to provide solutions; I have witnessed the great, positive and effective impact it has on people who have tried everything and have lost hope and faith in themselves. I love to see these people find their own light and walk directly to it, watching them grow stronger showing compassion and love for themselves and others. I learn great lessons from every single client I have the honor to see every day ... and that is the best gift that someone in the service of others can get”.


Alejandra has been Certified as:

Trilotherapist (Zen Counsellor)
Evidential Medium

QHHT (Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique)
Circle Meditation Leader

Chakra Healer
Crystal Angel Healer
Archangel Michael Healer
Assertiveness Coach

Realm Reader
Angel Card Reader
Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher

#(Canada) 587-777-6696 

#(Mexico) 001-587-777-6696