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A little bit about me...


| was born and raised in México. Ever since | was a little girl, | used to observe and asked non-stop
questions about everything. | loved to learn new things constantly; | still do, this beautiful planet
always has something new to show me that leave me in awe.  

| remember having telepathic conversations with “someone” while growing up, but | never dared to
share about whom | was listening to or seeing because of the judgment and acceptance of others.

| always saw beyond people’s intentions and always saw the real truth, so clearly. | always showed

interest in helping people from a very young age, | knew and felt that | was born with a mission and when

| used to play with doctor sets, | always naively thought that if | gave you a shot, you would feel happy.


My interest in helping and guiding people to a better understanding has grown over time until | choose
to became a Psychologist in 2003; but something was missing,

| always believe there should be an easier gentler way to bring people out of their suffering and help

them raise, and that | confirmed when
| immigrated to Canada and found “The Home of OM” (my spiritual University), a lovely place where

| found who | really was and accepted it.

It took me 5 years of hard training! Lots of tears, fears to face, letting go what was hurting and finally
gave me the strength to come out and show my truly self to the world, no masks at all and an with an
open compassionate heart.

| am very proud of where | come from and all the obstacles | have had to overcome to be the woman
that | am now; everything that has happened has left beautiful wisdom on my path, which has served
me to lead others. I am forever grateful for all, it is part of me and | embrace it with honor. 

With my experience in Psychology studies, Certification as a Psychic Medium and ordered as a Trilotera-
pist by Angel Rogers, | have learned how to merge the spiritual and physical plane in order to give gui-
dance and advice to people with a different alternative and unique manner that combines both worlds.

“| do this because | love seeing people finding their light and own it, watching them grow stronger by d
showing compassion and love for themselves. | learn from each and every one of them every day...and
ae that is my best gift ever”.




Trilotherapist (Zen Counsellor)
Evidential Medium
(Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique)
Circle Meditation Leader
Chakra Healer
Crystal Angel Healer
Archangel Michael Healer
Assertiveness Coach
Realm Reader
Angel Card Reader
Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher


Personalized Consulting

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