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Do you have a hard time expressing what you want?
Do you think something bad will happen if you say “NO”? (Example: being rejected,
judged, or ending up alone.)

Is it difficult for you to ask others for help, and if so, accepting such help?

Imagine your life if you could express your truth by learning and practice assertiveness every day without the fear of hurting others.

Alejandra is a Certified Assertiveness Coach who can help you get in touch with yourself and get comfortable speaking up from an authentic, honest, and kind place.

Bringing assertiveness to your life will helo you set healthy boundaries around the people you love the most without feeling guilt, shame, or emotional pain.

These sessions will help you to:

- Enjoy time for yourself without feeling guilty.
- Learn how to say “No” to others.
- Stop the “people pleaser” behavior (which at the end of theday gives you the feeing everybody Is taking advantage of you).

- Express your likes and dislikes from an honest and safe approach.
- Learn how to deal and get out of compromising situations that usually other
people use to
control you (consciously or subconsciously.)
- Feel free and in harmony with yourself.
- Learn healthy habits that will lead you to achieve self-respect behaviors.
- Be compassionate, kind, and honest with you and everybody around.

$120 USD



Corporate rates available at

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