This type of reading has a soothing approach to the sitter, due that Angelic
energy is pure and full of unconditional love. By connecting with your Angels and
Archangels, you will find lovely guidance and support getting accurate messages for your
highest good and soul purpose.

COST $150 CAD/ 60 minute session.


Connect to your passed loved ones on a session that gives you proof that the psychic medium is talking with them by giving you accurate information about  how they looked like, lifestyle, cause of death, age and sex. This spiritual session is intense due to its emotional content and gives the sitter the opportunity to have closure, messages of guidance from Spirit and to help in the grieving process by the healing love of your pass loved one.

COST $150 CAD/ 60 minute session.


With the guidance of beautiful Angelic energy different crystals are used on your body to clear any blockages and recharge the chakras that you may have unbalanced due to stress, anxiety or just every-day worries that accumulate with time, and is difficult for your body to release easily. This is an interactive session where you and the Angels meet to have an emotional soothing and healing moment.



COST $144.44 CAD/ 60 minute session.








The word Chakra (चक्र) derives from the Sanskrit word meaning "wheel" as well as "circle" and "cycle". Such Chakras are energy points that connect you to the Universe. If our chakras are balanced, a state of equilibrium and inner peace is lived.

If it is out of balance for a prolonged time, the organs behind the energetic points begin to present chronic complications due to the disharmony. With the help of different techniques like essential oils (aromatherapy), singing bowls (sound/frequency therapy), crystals (gem therapy) and color therapy your energy points could be unblocked coming back to your natural state and be “balanced” again.

COST $15O CAD /60 minute session.


This session is intense and for people that has suffered deep trauma on a physical, emotional, mental or sexually level. When this type of abuse happens, some people have to separate from within in order to survive. The Angels take the sitter during trauma and guide them on a safe place where they can land and find happiness again. This is a process where the person that has suffered the trauma can finally find the piece of the puzzle, put it back and have closure/healing where the soul could rest and finally be at peace.

COST $150 CAD/60-minute session.



Developed by Soto Zen Master Nissim Amon; Trilotherapy is a therapeutic method that creates inner balance, which helps us integrate our basic personality. This was born out of using basic Zen Buddhist training methods combined with Western Psychology current, similar to those found in Gestalt.

On these sessions where the Heart and the Mind are considered inner children, both will meet at last to respect and listen peacefully to each other with the final goal of finding harmony within, to awaken our “inner Buddha” or find our “CENTER” and from there make the optimal decision.

Psychological disorders could be better understood and identify its root if we use the Trilotherapy point of view; by knowing where its coming from we can heal and stop the unhealthy behaviour.

This beautiful peaceful approach helps the client to become aware of why he/she was behaving like that for so long; therefore, they are able to identify the problem from a different perspective and solve it by themselves aquiring compassion, self-love and wisdom for life.



Corporate rates available at

COST $170 CAD/60-minute session.




Do you have a hard time expressing what you want?
Do you think something bad will happen if you say “NO”? (Example: being rejected, judged, or ending up alone.)

Is it difficult for you to ask others for help, and if so, accepting such help?

Imagine your life if you could express your truth by learning and practice assertiveness every day without the fear of hurting others.

Alejandra is a Certified Assertiveness Coach who can help you get in touch with your self and get comfortable speaking up from an authentic, honest, and kind place.

Bringing assertiveness to your life will help you set healthy boundaries around the people you
love the most without feeling guilt, shame, or emotional pain.


These sessions will help you to:


- Enjoy time for yourself without feeling guilty.

- Enjoy time for yourself without feeling guilty.
- Learn how to say “No” to others.
- Stop the “people pleaser” behavior (which at the end of the day gives you the feeling everybody is taking         advantage of you).
- Express your likes and dislikes from an honest and safe approach.
- Learn how to deal and get out of compromising situations that usually other people use to
   control you (consciously or subconsciously.)
- Feel free and in harmony with yourself.
- Learn healthy habits that will lead you to achieve self-respect behaviors.
- Be compassionate, kind, and honest with you and everybody around.




COST $150 CAD/ 60 min. individual session
Corporate rates available at

#(Canada) 587-777-6696 

#(Mexico) 001-587-777-6696