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Developed by Soto Zen Master Nissim Amon;

Trilotherapy is a therapeutic method that creates inner balance, which helps us integrate our basic personality.

This was born out of using basic Zen Buddhist training methods combined with Western Psychology current,

similar to those found In Gestalt.


On these sessions where the Heart and the Mind are considered inner children, both will meet at last to

respect and listen peacefully to each other with the final
goal of finding harmony within, to awaken our “inner Buddha” or find our “CENTER” and from there make the optimal decision.

Psychological disorders could be better understood and identify its root if we use the Trilotherapy point of view; by knowing where its coming from we can heal and stop the unhealthy behaviour.

This beautiful peaceful approach helps the client to become aware of why he/she was behaving like that for so long; therefore, they are able to identify the problem
from a different perspective and solve it by themselves aquiring compassion, self-love and wisdom for life.

$120 USD



Corporate rates available at

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